Monday, 30 September 2013

September 2013 Reading Wrap Up - I will try and avoid spoilers!

Hi everyone. So I've decided to start doing wrap up posts on this blog. It has been a little dead recently so I thought I'd start sharing my thoughts on the books I have been reading. So here goes...

1.    Plague (Gone #4) by Michael Grant
This book was amazing. Michael Grant clearly has such a vivid imagination. He must sit in a room and think of all the weird, bad things that could happen to a bunch of teenagers and kids and apply them all to this series, because I couldn’t believe some of the stuff that was happening! I definitely liked Diana more in this book. She and Caine are initially introduced as antagonist’s but I actually felt sorry for her quite a bit in this book and some of the events regarding her character surprised me. Toto was also a new character for this book and I found him quite humorous – he has a power for knowing if people are telling the truth or not and it was quite funny to see him wind up the other characters with his powers. Overall, this book was definitely a 5 star book.

2.    The Madman’s Daughter (Madman’s Daughter Trilogy #1) by Megan Shepherd
This book had been on my wishlist for a few months so when I saw it brand new and really cheap in a local book shop I knew I had to pick up a copy. I hadn’t read the classic book that this book is based on – The Island of Dr. Moreau by H. G. Wells so I didn’t know how I would feel about the book. I thought that the book started off quite eerie and was impressed by the first couple of chapters, and when Juliet, Edward and Montgomery arrived on the island. Unfortunately, although there were some creepy scenes I didn’t feel as scared as I thought I would when initially read the synopsis. Saying that, there were some twists toward the end that I did not see coming so I must applaud the author for that. I may pick up the second book, Her Dark Curiosity, when it comes out, as I am still intrigued as to what will happen next.
3.    Fear (Gone #5) by Michael Grant

This book picked straight up from where Plague left off, with Perdido Beach still reeling from the bug attacks. Drake grows even more menacing (if that’s even possible!) and Astrid also changes. Overall I really enjoyed the story and character development, especially with Diana towards the end. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.

4.    Light (Gone #6) by Michael Grant

This was the final book in the epic Gone series and ever since I ordered it I was almost climbing the ceilings whilst waiting for it – I had to know how it ended and if the kids terror would ever be put to an end. All I can say it was a mind-blowing conclusion and I am still thinking about everything that happened in the book. It’s definitely the freakiest book yet and I cannot recommend this series enough to every one of every age. 4 out of 5 stars.

In conclusion, I feel I have had an extremely good September reading month, and look forward to reading some more horror eque and spooky books for the month of October. I will probably make a separate post about it so stay tuned! Happy reading :)

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