Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Caldecott Chronicles No 1 - Review

The Caldecott Chronicles No 1 Review
Publisher: SilverHouse Books
Author: R. G. Bullet
Rating: 8/10
Description: Caldecott Estate, the ancestral home of the 32nd Earl of Rothshire, is besieged. The undead are traipsing and crawling across overgrown lawns, intent on ripping the very flesh from the Earl’s body.
But many of them will not make it that far as the 32nd Earl has two things in their way: A prized Purdey shotgun and an accomplice named, Saffy. Saffy is a young and simple girl from the local village. She is quick of foot at setting traps, and dispatching the undead to the afterlife. She is endlessly coming up with cunning and disturbing methods to rid the estate of the disease.
The bizarre and gruesome details are narrated in a journal by a very Aristocratic British gent. Get a first hand look on how the Victorian upper class deal with stumbling trespassers and see how one draws inspiration from a teenage girl born to kill.

Review: Well, what can I say; I really enjoyed this little story. I can’t say that I have read many zombie books and stories, but I can say that this one has encouraged me to read more as it’s an exciting genre and I really liked the sense of urgency that made me turning the pages.

You really feel that you are inside the protagonist’s head, and that there could be a zombie just around the corner from them, so you want everything to work out okay for them.

I liked the relationship/friendship between the Earl and Saffy. At first, it was quite comical to read as he’s an upperclass earl, and she is just a regular, young girl caught up in all the danger and action. I felt that having Saffy as a character lightened up the story, and I look forward to reading more about her in the sequel.

I also enjoyed reading about the little cat that the Earl finds in one of the zombie-infested houses. I found it really interesting and sweet how a cat could survive the zombies and I really hope that he/she survives whatever is to come as I do like cats (I have one as a pet).

I look forward to reading the sequel.

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